About CuRe

Low energy recycling solution for hard to recycle polyester

Polyester is one of the most commonly used plastics. It is used for products like bottles, carpets and clothes, and brings endless benefits. But it has a huge downside. We are faced with a constantly growing waste mountain. Currently 91% of all polyester products are not being recycled, because they are colored or contaminated or contain additives. The result: 64 billion kilograms of used polyester all over the world, year after year. ​

So what if we could rejuvenate all polyester?

Including the colored, mixed and contaminated?

And rejuvenate used polyester up to 100%?

For high value applications?

For new bottles, shirts, carpets and seatbelts?

Not once, but every single time?

What if we could overcome the boundaries and disadvantages

of down-cycling and high energy recycling?

What if we could turn a huge problem into huge possibilities?

What if we could find a real CuRe?

And that is exactly what we found! Together with Morssinkhof, CumapolDuFor and Niaga, in close collaboration with NHL Stenden University, we discovered a smarter and scalable solution. To create a fully circular polyester chain.

We call our new technology CuRe

We want to CuRe any type of used polyester by purifying it and converting it into high-grade, ready-to-use 100% rPET which can replace PET from fossil-derived sources. Building on our labscale experience and capabilities we have built a pilot plant in Emmen for rapid scale-up. The pilot plant has a capacity of 20 kg/hr in a continuous process. As soon as the CuRe Technology is validated and tested we will use this know-how to build the Demonstration Plant (25 kta) polymerization line in Emmen to use this revolutionary technology.

It’s time for bold action and to start the movement to CuRe used polyester. Our aim is to look for partnerships all over the world, not only to improve the technology, but also to share know-how of how we produce, use and collect polyester products. And for vision building and collaboration on the integration of local polyester recycling facilities. Local solutions on a global scale. Together we create and accelerate our positive impact.

We can not CuRe on our own.

To recycle infinitely.

Again and again and again.

Creating a fully circular polyester chain.​

Join the polyester rejuvenation revolution!

How it works