Join the polyester recycling revolution!

Today 70 billion kilo of virgin polyester is produced all over the world every year, 91% of the used polyester can’t be recycled. A constant stream of trash creating mountains of garbage and that’s a double waste. ↓


Where the magic happens

Colored polyester

The vast majority of used polyester is discarded because it is colored and contaminated, like polyester packaging, bottles, food trays, carpets and strappings. This mountain of waste should be a resource, not once, but every single time. We need to stop wasting material.


Sorting, washing and preparation

CuRe Technology

Our ground-breaking CuRe Technology for polyester rejuvenation offers low energy recycling for used polyester. CuRe has strong own core technology and also allows for modular add on for other technologies, giving us flexibility to choose the best route depending on the type of used polyester. A brand new, differentiating approach.

Transparent granulate

We want to CuRe any type of used polyester by removing the color and converting it into clear pellets with the same properties as virgin grade polyester.​

Recycled products

New safety belt. Used safety belt. CuRe. New shirt. Used shirt. CuRe. New bottle. Used bottle. CuRe. New mattress. Used mattress. CuRe. New safety belt. Used safety belt. CuRe.  New fruit tray. Used fruit tray. CuRe. New bottle. Used bottle. CuRe