The CuRe team

Together we have decades of experience in virgin and recycled polyester, mechanical recycling, waste preparation, materials science and engineering. Together we create and accelerate our positive impact.

Marco Brons Marco Brons Chief Technology Officer
Josse Kunst Josse Kunst Chief Executive Officer
Mark Ruesink Mark Ruesink Chief Operating Officer
Bram Schmidt Bram Schmidt Process Engineer
Ramon Pragt Ramon Pragt R&D Engineer
Wyberen Oberman Wyberen Oberman Innovation Engineer
Nikolaos Patsos Nikolaos Patsos Chemical Engineer
Layo van het Goor Layo van het Goor Senior R&D Specialist
Angelique Remmerswaal Angelique Remmerswaal Laboratory Coordinator
Mirte Waterink Mirte Waterink Chemical Analist
Cynthia Herder Cynthia Herder Product Steward
Nicky Wanders Nicky Wanders Production Manager
Harald Zuidema Operator
Tineke van Gelder Tineke van Gelder Operator
Peter Eissens Operator
Gerben Roosken Gerben Roosken Operator
Frank Rijkens Frank Rijkens Operator
Kevin Groen Kevin Groen Operator
Lorenzo Streiter Operator
Dejan Djordjevic Mechanical Engineer
Hannelies Walda Hannelies Walda Human Resources
Gerard Kampschreur Gerard Kampschreur Financial Manager