Meet Nikolaos Patsos our new Chemical Engineer

It was September 2013 when I came to the Netherlands, to Groningen, with two big suitcases, to study Chemistry. After the first year and after surviving severe battles with courses like spectroscopy, physical chemistry and biochemistry, I decided that Chemistry is nice but too small for me, so I switched to engineering in the beginning of the second year. During my master I found myself working with polymers a lot and I was quite fascinated by the way that they are tunable to fit almost any application. Process engineering was the other field that I was very interested in and my perfectionism found a place to thrive.

Working in big petrochemical companies could be a safe choice for a starter, but I think for me it’s also very important to work towards a more sustainable future, not in the future, but now, in practice. Therefore, CuRe Technology was the way to go. At CuRe you get the space and motivation to create your own developments and to influence things in the direction that you want. I find this quite exciting, to be able to give CuRe Technology something of my character and my personality.

Welcome to the CuRe team Nikolaos!

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