New T-Rex Project Launches, creating a circular system for post-consumer textile waste

A consortium of 12 partners has launched a new European Union (EU) funded three-year project to create a circular system for post-consumer textile waste. The T-REX (Textile Recycling Excellence) Project brings together 12 major players from across the entire value chain and research institutes, to create a harmonised EU blueprint for closed-loop sorting and recycling of household textile waste.

A Consortium of Cross-Industry Leaders

Over a three-year period, the T-REX Project will collect and sort household textile waste and demonstrate the full recycling process of polyester, polyamide 6, and cellulosic materials from textile waste into new garments. Simultaneously, the Project aims to demonstrate sustainable and economically feasible business models for each actor along the value chain, conduct lifecycle analysis of the circular process, integrate digital tools that streamline the process of closed-loop textile recycling, and produce circular design guidelines.

Veolia will lead the post-consumer textile waste collection, sorting and division to work with the feedstock needs of the respective textile recycling technologies of Infinited Fiber Company, BASF, and CuRe Technology.

The recycled fibres will be converted to yarn by European manufacturers Linz Textil and TWD Fibres, from which adidas will create demonstration products with end of life in mind.

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