The CuRe Pilot Plant is up and running

Although these are challenging times we are pleased to announce that we have started the operation of the CuRe Pilot Plant MM in Emmen in The Netherlands. The pilot plant has a capacity of 20 kg/hr in a continuous process. Our CuRe Technology, has strong own core technology and also allows for modular add on other technologies, giving us flexibility to choose the best route depending on the type of polyester waste. This year we will use to test several waste streams and routes together with our partners. This collaboration is an important step in the demonstration of the technology and potential future commercialization.

The CuRe Technology has the potential to recycle all polyesters – even those that currently can’t be recycled. This pilot will clarify the requirements needed to scale up to 25 kton and supports the transitioning of the plastics industry into one that is restorative.

We look forward to productive and important discussions with (potential) partners in the near future.

Join the polyester recycling revolution!

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